FREE Aikido video clips – NIKKYO

Click here for FREE Aikido video clip – NIKKYO

The second technique in the applications (or pins) series. The premise of this technique is that the wrist is turned so that the little finger of the attacker cuts through his centre line. Many variants of this technique exist, but all rely upon this theory to function correctly.

This is an excellent example of how Aikido techniques exploit the movement of human joints; if applied correctly this technique can be devastating, feeling as if one has had one’s wrist struck with a blade, or can purely be used as restraint, only causing real pain upon resistance.

Nikkyo is effective against even large opponents. A simple turn of the wrist in one direction while the forearm and elbow are bent, nikkyo can be done against your shoulder, with your hand alone, or purely using rotation of the wrists.


2 Responses to FREE Aikido video clips – NIKKYO

  1. V says:

    Aaaah my favourite technique 😀
    How the slightest movement can put even the bulkiest guy groaning on the floor..
    I dunno why but I’ve sort of had a hand at this one since I’ve started, I think it was beginner’s luck… if you can call it that when you crack red belts’ wrists while using it too fast on poor little red belts who didn’t know what was comming…. I just don’t realize the impact of it, it’s really not planned and conscious when it does work, as though some little fairy had put a spell on me and was directing my movements when I do it.
    I must confess, sometimes the fairy dissappears and I struggle a bit, but she comes back every now and then… I’m sure it’s just so that it remains my fave technique :p


    Ai-hamni Nikkyo was the first technique I was ever shown, and I remeber going home afterwards and trying, in vain, to get it on my dad!! Apart from the fact that my technique was inevitably useless (I distinctly remember “grabbing” instead of rotating…. tsk tsk..) he man has wrists like tree trunks! My favourite viarant of Nikkyo at the moment is Nikkyo-nage from ai-hamni – great fun but NOT the easiest technique to fall from.

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