Being a good student

Being a good student…

1. Turn up for training. i know that sounds daft, but really show up. If you decide to stay in and watch TV, just “don’t feel like it” you are not getting any benefit. Above all, just get to the Dojo in the physical form, on a regular basis. Once your freinds and family get used to the fact that on certain times of the week you are training, this will become easier as there will be fewer times that “events” will occur on trining nights! Just get there, regularly (anything less than twice a week and all you are doing is maintaining your level, not improving it)
That’s the first step.

2. The Next step is to really be there with a beginner’s mind and be ready mentally to take on the training. That energy that you produce will motivate everyone that you come into contact with, and will make the training session a benefit to all.

3. Turn up with your body. Feel everything with every ounce of your body. Let your body receive the training and teachings and internalize them. Let go of intellectualizing every little thing in training and just feel. Sometimes, especially if what you are being show is completely new to you, it can be better to try to remember one important key point, and then just “go with the flow”, enjoying the experience of the practice without worrying too much about what you’ll remember; you’ll be suprised as to how much will sink in.

4. Practice what the teacher has shown, master that first. The intention of the class is very important. The instructor leads the class in a specific direction to so that everyone will learn from the practice. Really try to see and feel what is going on and practice the principles that the instructor is presenting. First and foremost, master the basic concepts, or physical techniques and then move on to the more advanced practices.

5. Come with good energy. Before you even walk into the Dojo you should purposefully leave everything outside the Dojo. Everything; career, family problems, complaints with the world, and any kind of negative energy. The Dojo should always be a place of bright energy, and all of it starts with you. Your good energy will motivate other members of your Dojo to practice with the same good energy, and that good energy will be multiplied exponentially. My old teacher always used to say “Leave your life behind when you step on the mat”.
If you don’t like the Dojo energy at any time, just send out the good stuff and keep practicing harder!


3 Responses to Being a good student

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  2. Erik Mann says:

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  3. Shurendo says:

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