The concept of ‘ukemi’ has always fascinated me. many martial arts have ‘breakfalls’ or rolls by which one can take a throw, protect oneself and land safely, but the Aikido concept of ukemi or “receiving through the body” implies so much more.

I would like to throw this one open for discussion. My feeling is that good ukemi should allow the uke to stay so well connected with nage that at any point he can reverse the technique, and that include during ‘flight. I also believe that the attack that promoted the throw and ultimately the ukemi should also be ‘honest’, otherwise the energy of the entire sequence is flawed before it starts.

There are some great resources out there: check out Donovan Waites website and Bruce Bookmans site

2 Responses to AIKIDO & UKEMI

  1. Aikipad says:

    Hi DunkenUkemi what a topic, it does seem so graceful when done properly and so imporant in practice. You are correct in my opinion that if followed closely you can counter your opponents technique. But if it is applied correctly it can become dangeous to try. Great site keep up the good work.AikipadAlways practice the art of peace in a vibrant and joyful mannerLearn Aikido

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